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Denmark - Bornholm

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Far out in the Baltic Sea you find a little Danish pearl. Bornholm is not without reason a very popular holiday destination. Here you find idyll, beautiful nature and lots of sunshine. Denmark is not exactly known for its good weather, but thanks to the warm Baltic Sea, Bornholm has more sunshine and less rain than any other place in Denmark, and the island is therefore also known as the Sunshine Island (Solskinsøen). 
The nature at Bornholm is very unique, with rocks and white beaches. Especially Dueodde is famous for having the softest sand in Denmark. A nice way to experience the island is to rent a bike and take a trip on one of the beautiful biking routes along the coast. Maybe you can take a stop along the way and visit one of the many smokehouses, which Bornholm is famous for. 
Bornholm also offers a lot of exciting history, dating all the way back to the dinosaurs. The four round churches are both beautiful and mysterious, since their stories are inevitably linked together with the Knights Templar. And of course you also need to see Hammershus, the biggest castle ruin in Northern Europe.        

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