Rent out your holiday home

With you can begin by adding your holiday homes completely free of charge, after which you have the possibility of expanding you entry by purchasing a HolidayHomePlus subscription for 54,00 EUROs per year.

**New User Bonus**

Purchase a HolidayHomePlus subscription within 14 days after entering your house and save 25%

HolidayHomePlus subscription

The difference between free and Holiday Home Plus versions are shown below:



Holiday Home Plus

Entry of holiday homes in 3 languagesyesyes
Price and availablityyesyes
nventory detailsJaJa
Own list of links so you can link to local attractionsJaJa
Number of pictures with text in 3 languages. Pictures are very important in representing your holiday home.1Unlimited
Your holiday home is shown in the holiday home presentation on the left of the front page. Those Holiday homes which have a subscription are shown in turn.NejJa
Improved placement ion all listings.
  • Shown amongst the first on the holiday home in search results.
  • Shown amongst the first on ‘My favorites‘.
  • Shown amongst the first in Last Minute lists on the front page, the Last Minute pages and in the Newsletter (if you take out an advertisement).
Statistics of holiday homes and referralsNoYes
Leaseholder’s forumyesYes
Half price Last minute advertisementsnoYes
Half price on iconsnoYes

And finally, you can promote your holiday home further by taking out Last Minute advertisements.

Last Minute advertisements

As a house owner you can, once you have entered your holiday home details, take out a Last Minute advertisement.

Payment is based on ‘hits’, where every ‘hit’ costs 200 Credits. One hit is equivalent to one visitor clicking on your advertisement and thus viewing your holiday home. With a Holiday Home Plus subscription a hit only costs 100 Credits.

A Last Minute advertisement is shown on the front page and in the Owner newsletter which is sent every second week to more than 1500 readers.