Rent a holiday home

Look for a reasonably priced holiday home among the 800 houses available. The leasing price is far below the price you are usually charged by holiday home leasing bureaus.

Once you have found a holiday home you like, renting it is easy. Key in your e-mail address under ” Send leaseholder’s contact information” following which you will be sent contact information. The e-mail will contain an e-mail and telephone number, so you can contact the owner. You can also send an e-mail directly to the owner of the holiday home by clicking on “Send enquiry directly to leaseholder”.

The reason we do not list e-mail and telephone numbers on the actual page is to protect leaseholders against various search engines finding these e-mail / telephone numbers and using them for spamming purposes.

Sommerferie.NU is only the link between owner and leaseholder, and does not take part in the actual renting process.

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