Bornholm is sun, beach and holiday fun

  • By Vacation-NOW | 26/07-2014 00:00

    Far out in the Baltic Sea you find the charming island Bornholm. The island goes under the name ‘The sunshine island’ and this is not without reason. The location of Bornholm guaranties you plenty of sunny days and the light is very bright and beautiful in this area. You will generally be met with beautiful nature experiences on Bornholm, where you both find green and luxuriantly nature, many forests and Denmark’s only cliff landscape.        

    Bornholm is a well-known holiday island, which buzzes with life all summer. Besides the sun, you can also enjoy one of the many lovely beaches; especially Dueodde is worth a visit. Here you find the finest sand in Denmark, so the kids can run around without hurting there feed on sharp stones. Another must on your vacation is to visit one of the many smokehouses on the island. Smoked herring is one of Bornholm’s specialties and there is hardly anything more delicious than a freshly smoked herring, which can be enjoyed in the sun outside the smokehouse.


    For the history lovers you also find plenty of historic attractions on Bornholm. Hammershus is probably the most famous site, with its status as the largest medieval fortification in Northern Europe. You can also visit Bornholm’s medieval centre and learn about life as it used to be. At Natur Bornholm you can learn about the nature on Bornholm and hear about dinosaurs. Bornholm is actually the only place in Denmark where signs of dinosaurs has been found.  


    A place that is definitely a hit with the entire family is Bornholm’s butterfly park. Here you get to experience a world of beautiful butterflies, parrots and lovely flowers. It is a nice place to spend a sunny day. If you are going around to see the island you also need to see at least one of the four round churches. Østerlars Church is the biggest and most visited, but all four are a beautiful site and it is of course always exciting to hear the stories about the Knights Templar and their use of the churches. 


    You are guarantied sun, beaches and holiday fun if you take the trip to Bornholm, and as an extra bonus there is plenty to see for the more active people.