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West Jutland is equal to the North Sea. You cannot avoid the roaring North Sea, which helps form the long, beautiful coast. The nature here is beautiful, but also a bit harsh, with windblown beaches and dunes. If you go beyond the dunes West Jutland offers large open spaces with beautiful heather vegetation. To the south you find the Wadden Sea, which has a rich and beautiful animal life, with birds and seals. If you are lucky you get to experience the unique nature phenomenon Black Sun, when thousands of starlings covers the sky.  
The long coast makes West Jutland a mecca for white sand beaches. The wind from the North Sea is often very fresh and the ocean is therefore usually filled with waves. If you travel with younger kids it therefore might be a good idea to move in to the Limfjord area, where you find kids friendly beaches. The Limfjord area to the north also displays a more mild nature, which is hilly and luxuriant.   
West Jutland also has a lot of smaller and larger cities, worth visiting for different reasons. Hvide Sande and Thyborøn are good examples of old fishing towns, while the port city Esbjerg is more of a modern metropolis. In Esbjerg you also get to see the famous statue ‘The Man by the Sea’, which displays four men searchingly looking over the sea. Holstebro is both a cosy and cultural city and in Ringkøbing you get to experience the architect Ulrik Plesner’s red brick houses.