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Denmark - Falster

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South of Zealand lies a little pearl, perfect for a good vacation in a summerhouse. Falster is an island with small, cosy towns, green fields and a lot of fresh air. It is therefore natural to use a holiday on Falster to get outside in the nature and have an active vacation. The long coastline makes Falster a mecca for sea lovers. You can go on a fun sailing trip or just enjoy the water from the coast, on one of the many lovely beaches.   

There are many options when it comes to a vacation on Falster. Especially Marielyst is a popular holiday town, which draws a lot of holiday guests to the island each year. The beach has been voted ‘best beach in Denmark’ several years, due to its soft sand and kids friendly water. Besides the lovely nature Marielyst also offers a lot of entertainment opportunities, including Segway, Paintball, Go-kart and miniature golf. Nykøbing Falster is the largest city on the island, offering plenty of activities, most of them within walking distance. You can for example go to the crocodile zoo or visit the medieval centre, where you get to see a real knights tournament and eat food as in the medieval times.

Falster is a small and cosy island where you get to relax and enjoy time with your family, but without the risk of getting bored. There is in fact plenty of activities on Falster and if that is not enough, it is both fast and easy to get to Lolland or South Zealand and make a daytrip out of it. Now the whole family should be guaranteed a great vacation.