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    Villa in Andalusia (175 kvm) with heated pool for 6 (8) persons


    8 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 175 m² • Schwimmbad

    TOTAL renovated


    4 Persons • 1 Schlafzimmer • 45 m² • Schwimmbad

    Feriehus Novamar Gran Alacant Alicante Costa Blanca fra 3800 kr til 6000 kr Rabat ved to uger.

    Costa Blanca

    6 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 100 m² • Schwimmbad • Haustiere erlaubt

    A nice bungalow and apartment in the lovely Torrevieja

    Costa Blanca

    6 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 103 m² • Schwimmbad

    The Atlantic Swan


    6 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 87 m²

    Villa in Salobreña (175 kvm) for 6-8 prsons - Jacuzzi in the winterseason

    Costa Tropical

    8 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 175 m² • Schwimmbad

    Malaga - El Palo - Beach, seawiev and a metropol

    Costa del Sol

    4 Persons • 2 Schlafzimmer • 82 m²

    House from 2008 with magnificent views over Alicante and one of the coast's best beaches.

    Costa Blanca

    6 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 96 m² • Schwimmbad



    6 Persons • 4 Schlafzimmer • 150 m²

    Nice holiday apartment on the Costa Del Sol in Miraflores Spain

    Costa del Sol

    4 Persons • 2 Schlafzimmer • 71 m² • Schwimmbad

    Traditional townhouse in Competa one of the white villages of Andalusia


    6 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 120 m² • Haustiere erlaubt

    Malaga - Fuengirola. Apartment at 134 kvm sea views 25 m from the water , 8 floor, 34 m2 terrace wit


    6 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 135 m² • Schwimmbad

    Malaga - Fuengirola 2 bedroom apartment with sea views 50 m from the water , Fibernet +TV, 4 floor,

    Costa del Sol

    4 Persons • 1 Schlafzimmer • 70 m² • Schwimmbad • Haustiere erlaubt

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    The holidays are a great time to stay in one of the owners direct in Spain and a perfect time to visit the country. There are interesting holidays and celebrations in every season. Most of the public holidays are religious in nature because most of the country is Roman Catholic and there are many festivals and processions held at different times in both large and small cities. And below are some of it:

    Good Friday is an important holiday in the spring. This is the Friday before Easter Sunday. On Good Friday, many cities have large processions and festivals. At many of these, there are re-enactments of the crucifixion. There are processions throughout Holy Week in many areas.
    Easter Sunday is another important holiday in Spain. This day commemorates the Resurrection of Jesus. There are many festivals that extend to Easter Sunday. This is a joyous holiday that is celebrated in large and small festivals throughout the country.
    In the late spring or early summer, the holiday of Corpus Christi is celebrated. This means the Body of Christ. The feast celebrates the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist. This is a Catholic holiday that is considered very important. There are processions and religious celebrations on this day.
    The feast of Corpus Christi falls on a different day each year. It is celebrated on the first Sunday after Trinity Sunday. This varies each year, but is typically in May or June.
    St. John’s is celebrated in June 24. On the eve of June 23, there are bonfires and effigies are burned. People jump over the bonfires. It is believed that jumping over the fire three times can cleanse the person of sin and cure disease.
    Different areas have a variety of traditions and festivals celebrating this day. Jumping over the fire is one common element in these celebrations. The festivals are unique to each area.
    Autumn and Winter Holidays in Spain
    Columbus Day is celebrated on October 12. This is also the National Holiday of Spain or Hispanic Day. It commemorates the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the Americas. There are festivals and celebrations in honor of Columbus.
    All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1st. This is a Catholic holiday honoring all Saints and Martyrs. In Spain, offerings are made on this day. The holiday first began in the fourth century. The play Don Juan Tenorio is often performed on All Saints Day.
    Constitution Day is celebrated on December 6. This holiday celebrates Spain’s transition to democracy. The constitution was approved in a referendum by voters on December 6, 1978. This is also an important national holiday.
    The Immaculate Conception is December 8 and is another Catholic holiday. This day has been a feast day in the church since the 7th century. The day is in honor of Mary, who was born free from original sin and became the mother of Jesus. It is a public holiday.
    Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus and is a religious holiday. Christmas is a twelve day festival that ends on January 6. During this time, there are many processions and festivals celebrating the birth of Jesus and the arrival of the Magi.
    January 6 is the end of the Christmas celebrations. This is the Epiphany which celebrates the visit of the wise men to Bethlehem to see the infant Jesus. It is also called El Dia de los Reyes or the Day of the Kings. In Spanish tradition, the three kings represented Arabia, Africa and Europe arrived with gifts for the baby Jesus. Many towns have large processions and festivals to celebrate this holiday.