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Denmark - Jutland - North

63 holiday homes found

  • Old farm Glenstrup directly on the lake

    Price: From 405 euro pr week
  • Shopping

    Holiday Home in Skagen

    Price: From 620 euro pr week
  • High Situated gedint cottage with sea vie

    Price: From 2145 dkk pr week
  • Tversted Strand The best in Denmark

    Price: From 40 euro per day
  • Blokhus. 1-6 pers.Flot, newly built house with sea view, spa and sauna in Blokhus city, close to Ska

    Price: From 400 euro pr week
  • Beautiful Old Skagenshous

    Price: From 6490 dkk pr week
  • Lovely furnished new house in peacefull surroundings on big site, only 700m. from North

    Price: From 280 euro pr week
  • Distance to the beach - only 50m.

    Price: From 220 euro pr week
  • Apartments in North Jutland

    Price: From per day
  • Vacation house with sauna, whirlpool and 5 bedrooms - max 14 persons

    Price: From 346 euro pr week
  • Beautiful cottage in a forest

    Price: From 467 euro pr week
  • Traditional house close to the harbour and the mainstreet

    Price: From 400 euro pr week
  • Pleasant summer cottage near Blokhus in the north of Denmark

    Price: From 3000 dkk pr week
  • New impressive luxury cottage for up to 10 persons only 800 m from the beach at Nr. Lyngby

    Price: From 370 euro pr week
  • With Internet

    Slettestrand. Energy friendly summerhouse near the North Sea - (free 30/30 Mb. wireless internet an

    Price: From 1600 dkk pr week
  • Attractive Thimber house at North Sea, FREE INTERNET and Cable TV, just 800m from the sea

    Price: From 300 euro pr week
  • Free Internet

    Luxury cottage 126m2, 100 m to the beach, Hals, internet, spa, sauna

    Price: From 600 euro pr week
  • Beach house with 3 bedrooms - 6 pers.

    Price: From 221 euro pr week
  • Fischer house directly at the Glenstrup lake,

    Price: From 515 euro pr week
  • Gl Skagen - lovely house on a 2.350 m² private and quiet natural property

    Price: From 0 euro pr week

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With the North Sea to the west and Kattegat to the east you find North Jutland, always surrounded by the fresh ocean wind, white beaches and the raw dunes. The nature is characterized by the oceans raw nature, and its harsh reality is what makes it unique and beautiful. And as the only place in Denmark you can experience two oceans smash together, when you visit Grenen. 

The oceans and the Limfjord make the framework of North Jutland and they contribute in creating a unique light, which painters have been fascinated by through the times. The region has therefore with good reason adopted the name, ‘the lights country’. The artistic soul can still be experienced in the small town Skagen, where the Skagen painters used to live. 
In North Jutland you find the 4. Biggest city in Denmark, called Aalborg, which is a city with charm and a pulsating life, due to the many young students. North Jutland is art, culture, harsh nature and of course kids friendly beaches, which put together is the reason why it is such a popular holiday destination. 
To get more inspiration for your vacation, read the blog: On vacation in the lights country