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    21 Persons • 7 Schlafzimmer • 0 m²

    Enjoy the nature and quiteness of Anholt


    11 Persons • 4 Schlafzimmer • 70 m²

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    In the middle of Kattegat lies the small island, Anholt. The small island, which is only 22 square kilometres, offers you peace and quiet and a vacation with the nature in focus. At Anholt you find a beautiful and unique nature for example the largest low heath in Northern Europe, which is called the Desert. Here you find plenty of wild flowers and birds flying over your heads. The Desert is open to the public, giving you the chance to explore the area on your own.    
    Anholt is also known for its large amounts of harbour seals. If you take the trip to the most eastern point of Anholt, Totten, you get to experience the islands seal sanctuary, where it is possible to see the seals up close. Besides the seals, the long coastline also offers some lovely beaches. During the summer there is also a lot of fishing boats, yachtsmen and small boats coming in and out of the harbour. At summertime you can also experience a kite-surfing event, music festival, lobster festival and a marathon, which all makes the island buzzing with life, during the summer.    

    Anholt is a place to find peace and enjoy the simple things, like long walks in the beautiful nature and cool dips in the blue ocean. This is also apparent in the fact that most of the island forbids driving, making it possible for you to enjoy the island at foot, undisturbed. At Anholt you do not find major amusement parks or other tourist attractions, but there is a soul and warmth, which you definitely will enjoy.