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Denmark - Southern Jutland

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South Jutland is for everyone who loves nature. If you turn your head to the east luxuriant green fields, valleys, forests and fjords meets you. To the west it is the sea, which is in focus. Here you can experience the Wadden Sea with all its unique nature phenomena. The tide forms the flat marshland and on the many sandbanks you find flocks of seals. The Wadden Sea is especially known for the thousands of breading birds in the area. During spring and fall there are so many starlings in the air that the sky turns black. It is the famous phenomenon Black Sun.        

South Jutland also offers great kids friendly beaches. You find the best beaches facing Little Belt and around Als. There is generally plenty of entertainment for families with kids, for example LEGOLAND, Givskud Zoo and Universe. When you are not outside being active you can enjoy the area’s good food. South Jutland is among other known for its lavish cake buffets.
Besides the nature South Jutland also has a lot of lovely cities, which each tells a part of the Danish history. You can visit the old king town Kolding or maybe go to Christiansfeld which is a candidate for UNESCOs world heritage list. Ribe is the oldest town in Denmark and Sønderborg is a charming city, which tells stories about the battle at Dybbøl Mill. A lot of the cities are not far from the Danish-German boarder, which makes it easy to combine a trip to South Jutland with a visit to Germany.

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