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    Paradise an idyllic small farm house


    5 Persons • 2 Schlafzimmer • 70 m² • Haustiere erlaubt

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    Lolland is a cosy little island with beautiful nature and small charming cities. Lolland is filled with beet fields, which green tops makes a beautiful green carpet over most of Lolland. In Nakskov Fjord you get to enjoy the nature with the calm sloshing water and the green areas. The little post boat sails around with post to the small surrounding islands and gives you a great opportunity to visit new areas. Nakskov is furthermore the largest city on Lolland, though compared to the rest of Denmark it is still a small town. The shopping street is one of the oldest in Denmark and offers lovely shops and a cosy atmosphere.    
    Another beautiful area is the National Park Maribo Lakes (Maribosøer), where there especially is a rich and fascinating birdlife. You can rent a kayak or a rowing boat, or maybe go on a trip with the tour boat Anemonen and this way see the entire area from the water. In the middle of the National Park is the modern city Maribo. Close to Maribo you also find the popular attraction Knuthenborg Safari Park, where you get to go on a safari in your own car.    

    One last place worth mentioning is Rødby and Rødbyhavn, which are centred around the ferry service to Germany. A holiday on Lolland can therefore easily be combined with one or more days in Germany as well. Rødby is also home for the popular holiday resort Lalandia, which both offers a waterpark, ice rink, bowling alley and much, much more.