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East Jutland has a little of everything with its luxuriant landscape, green forests and many lovely beaches. You also find a lot of beautiful lakes and the longest river in Denmark, Gudenåen in East Jutland. And if you want to enjoy the view over the beautiful nature, then you need to go to Himmelbjerget (the sky mountain), which rises 147 metres over the ground. Another fun experience is Mønsted and Daugbjerg limestone mines, where you get to see the old mines and the giant bat colonies, which live down there.  

In East Jutland is Denmark’s second largest city Århus, where modern art and culture collide with old traditions. At ARoS you can experience modern art, which reaches way beyond the usual shapes of pictures and sculptures. The Old City is a living museum, where you get to experience life as it used to be in Århus. Other exciting cities are Viborg, which is one of the oldest towns in Denmark, and Silkeborg, the first industrial town in Denmark. Also Ebeltoft is a cosy old town, where it is still possible to see cobbled streets and beautiful old houses.  

East Jutland is the perfect destination for a lovely family holiday, since it combines nature and hectic cities. Furthermore East Jutland offers a lot of fun activities, e.g. the well-known LEGOLAND or one of the many animal parks in the area