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    Piemonte/Winery,Barolo apartment for rent in the heart of Barolo


    5 Persons • 2 Schlafzimmer • 65 m²

    Liguria, Camogli. Close to the beach and the nature reserve of Portofino, in the small village Cam


    5 Persons • 1 (2) Schlafzimmer • 45 m²

    Liguria, Camogli. Close to the beach and the nature reserve of Portofino, in the small village Cam


    3 Persons • 1 Schlafzimmer • 40 m²

    Villa in Umbria sleeps 8 + 1, Big private pool and fantastic view !


    9 Persons • 4 Schlafzimmer • 125 m² • Schwimmbad • Haustiere erlaubt

    Rent a charming Tuscan house from the year 1250 for your vacation.


    6 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 120 m²

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    Why does a lot of vacation-goers preferred to stay in holiday lettings in Italy rather than staying in a hotel? 

    After working hard all throughout the year, majority of us feels that having a vacation is a good way to relax and replenish both our mental and physical strengths. And Italy is one destination that always on top of the list thanks to its beautiful views, delicious cuisines and lovely people. As for accommodation, this is where holiday lettings comes in. Why it is preferred than hotels? Find out below.
    Depending on the kind of activities you want to do in Italy, the type of holiday lettings will vary. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, then some small cottages in the countryside will be the best suited for you. You’ll be drinking your morning tea while watching the lush green fields and tall mountains as its backdrop. If you want to have to do some night camping, mountain biking or stargazing, you will need to rent a holiday home in a large open area.
    Not all vacations needs to be somewhere hot with beautiful beaches, staying in Italy can make you feel at home and whenever you are on a holiday vacation you always want to stay where you feel comfortable. And staying in a hotel will feel a bit awkward if you are not a people person, this is due to the number of people who walks around the place all the time. Whereas in a holiday letting, you can have the privacy that you want and the freedom to stay all day in bed without the housekeeper knocking at the door saying it is time to clean the room.
    If you are not fond of eating in restaurants or just too expensive for your budget, holiday homes has the cooking equipment and utensils that you’ll need to cook your own meals. 
    There are a lot of Holiday lettings in Italy that can provide quality and comfort at any tourists at a fraction of a cost as compared to hotels. All you need to do is do some due diligence and plan your trip in advance. To help you in choosing the right holiday home for you, check out the list below.