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Denmark - Jutland - Center

10 holiday homes found

  • Big holiday house on Fur for 27 people

    Price: From 695 euro pr week
  • Silkeborg´s most central Bed & Breakfast is Villa Zeltner

    Price: From pr week
  • Enjoy your holiday by Limfjorden - cozy farmhouse . Note : the price is incl . electricity, water an

    Price: From 2000 dkk pr week
  • Holiday home in beautiful abandonments

    Price: From 884 euro pr week
  • The holiday home Dingle - 16 rooms, perfect for the large family-reunion

    Price: From 1054 euro pr week
  • FUR, a beautiful island in Limfjorden, Denmark. Moclay-cliffs and fossils.

    Price: From 310 euro pr week
  • FUR, a beautiful island in Limfjorden, Denmark. Moclay-cliffs and fossils.

    Price: From 450 euro pr week

    Price: From 2795 dkk pr week
  • Cottage by the lake with a view of the fjord with wifi

    Price: From 160 euro pr week
  • Holidayhouse in Truust - in the middel of nature and river / Gudenåen

    Price: From 230 euro pr week

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The centre of Jutland is filled with green and luxuriant nature with flat fields and large forests. You therefore have plenty of possibilities for lovely walks and family outings in the local area. Besides the luxuriant green nature you also get to experience the beautiful heather areas up and around Viborg. The nature here shows a special mix between raw wildness and beautiful elegance. If you want to go to the beach, Jutland is luckily not that wide a piece of land, so despite your vacation taking place in the centre of Jutland it is never a long drive to the beach.   
Besides the surrounding nature Viborg is also a city with a lot to offer. Viborg is one of the oldest Danish cities and here you find charming medieval streets and lovely shopping areas. Silkeborg on the other is the first industrial town in Denmark and is today filled with life and entertainment. The many lakes in the area, makes Silkeborg a beautiful and charming city. If the holiday takes you a bit more to the south it is Herning you should visit, where both culture, nature and entertainment is on the schedule.    

If you are on a family vacation you will find plenty of entertainment for both kids and grownups to enjoy. In Viborg and the surrounding area you get to visit Mønsted limestone mines and the Energy museum (Energimuseet), while Silkeborg and Herning offers exciting animal parks. The centre of Jutland is also home for one of the most visited Danish amusement parks LEGOLAND.