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Big sommerhouses in south france

3 holiday homes found

  • Provence Mt. Ventoux with pool.

    Price: From 450 euro pr week
  • Pool
    • Type: Sommerhus
    • France - Provence
    • Number of persons : 15
    • Distance to sea: 75km
    • Sea view: No

    France, Provence, appartment 250 sq.m., tennis, heatet pool, badminton etc.

    Price: From pr week
  • Provence, with pool near Mt. Ventoux

    Price: From 450 euro pr week

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Summer in France. Long, bright days and balmy evenings are some of the reasons why many people pick France as a destination for their summer holidays, and it is understandable. France has so much to offer for both adults and children; beautiful sandy beaches with palm trees, and small cosy villages which are filled with life especially during summer, something which can bring any Dane in a holiday mood, not to mention the food. The French culinary specialties range from frog legs and foie gras to the simpler, but delicious foods, such as fresh fruits and a baguette sandwich with ham or pat. In short, France has everything which a really good summer holiday must include.