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    Cottage in Skåne on Hallandsåsen, Örkelljunga/Fasalt for rent


    8 Persons • 2+2 Schlafzimmer • 120 m² • Schwimmbad • Haustiere erlaubt

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    Skåne is the southernmost region in Sweden and here you can enjoy your vacation in relaxed surroundings in the beautiful Swedish nature. When you drive through the region you will be met by yellow rape fields swaying in the wind, lush forest and beautiful coastal areas with kilometres of white sand beaches. You can enjoy the lovely beaches in the holiday cities Ängelholm and Båstad.  
    You can also choose to live by the coast in one of the small fishing villages. Then you can go on boat trips along the coast, go fishing or just enjoy the lovely environment in the charming small villages. You can also decide to live out in the nature and enjoy waking up to birds singing and the wind blowing in the treetops. When the sun is at its most powerful, you can take a trip to the beach and enjoy a day at the beautiful coast of Sweden.  
    Besides the gorgeous nature, Skåne also has a lot of interesting cities, located close to each, which makes it easy to reach them in car or train. Back in time Skåne used to be part of Denmark and that is still evident in the region's cities, which has timbered houses and cobblestoned streets. Skåne is furthermore the region in Sweden with the most castles. 
    Malmö is the largest city in the region and is a very modern city. Here you find shopping, cultural events and good restaurants. The second largest city Helsingborg is a charming trading city. The centre of the city is characterized by the old medieval defence tower, which gives you the feeling of having travelled back in time. Helsingborg is also the city with the densest concentration of restaurants in all of Sweden. If you want to experience remains from the Viking ages you should visit Lund or Trelleborg. Trelleborg still has a Viking stronghold in the city centre and Trelleborg Museum shows you how life was for the Vikings.