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    Located at the west coast of Sweden, Bohuslän is home to some of the most wonderful sights and offers plenty of beaches and amazing landscape that will change your view on nature forever. Itching to have a slice of Swedish adventure? Then you will surely love Bohuslän.
    The Bohuslän adventure starts not when you arrive to your destination but rather on the journey itself. This side of Sweden comes with a chain of islands linked by a thread of bridges and some short ferry rides. This is the major reason why you can still enjoy a good amount of privacy even though the summer crowds can be quite challenging. 
    Sailing is among the most popular pastime among the Swedish people. Often the Swedes have summer cottages in Bohuslän for an easy summer getaway. It is also common to see yachts along the coast. And tourists are welcome to enjoy island hopping as well. 
    The large number of churches in Bohuslän, dating from the 1840’s up to the early twentieth century, contributes to making the landscape even more beautiful. The region has a long line of traditions. One interesting thing to note when visiting this place is the curtain less windows. This tradition started during the early nineteenth century. It was when the dogmatic Calvinist clergyman Henric Schartau stated that he believed closed curtains were a sign of sin within. Thus, even today, many islands still have curtain less windows continuing this very interesting tradition and belief.

    Other places that you must not miss are Gullholmen, Fiskebäckskil, Hunnebostrand and Fjällbacka, which are ancient fishing communities. These places also provide the settings for Swedish author Camilla Läckberg’s best-selling crime novels. Väderöarna, the Weather Islands, are also worth noting. Do not forget Grebbestad, Sweden’s oyster capital. Also, there are many lighthouses along the archipelago, which can be rented all for yourself and your family. And for the food, do have a taste of their lobster and oyster; it is very good and you surely will not regret tasting it.