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    8 Persons • 2 Schlafzimmer • 125 m²

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    Simply known as the "Garden of Sweden", this place offers a very relaxing ambience, which a family will surely enjoy. An archipelago bestowed with much natural beauty, Blekinge will give you a memorable experience, which will make you connect with Mother Nature.
    Adventures are the main theme of experiences in Blekinge. It starts with an adventure of the naval city Karlskrona. Here you can enjoy the boat's sundeck and hop from island to island, sail the river Nättrabyån or swim at Utlängan island. The boat ride starts from Fisktorget in central Karlskrona and allows you to choose from over 20 end destinations. 
    Do you want a fresh dip in the water? Blekinge offers a variation of beaches and lakes. Many people will love the serene lakes, but this place also has some beautiful and scenic beachfronts, which do not just offer wonderful views but also a perfect day with your family. If you want a more modern touch, there is a waterpark with all the necessary facilities like pools and slides. And if you are looking for a less populated place, you can find a special hideaway somewhere along the Blekinge coast or from its nearby islands. Here, you get to be yourself and feel like this place is all yours the entire day. 
    Kayaking and fishing is another interesting adventure that awaits guests. You can kayak through Karlskrona and enjoy making grilled food on the open fire when the evening comes. And during the month of August, fishing aficionados will surely love the two-day challenge. During this seatrout season, you can fish in the dark, protected by the shadows at Mörrums Kronolax.
    After all the adventures, a special body treat must be in place. For that, Ronneby Brunnspark is the place to be. People have been visiting here since the 18th century to have a drink and bathe in its restorative spring waters. A visit to Blekinge in Sweden is not just a fun vacation but will surely take your mind and body on a wonderful journey.