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    The Southern location of the Canary Islands ensures a nice and hot climate and plenty of sun all year round. Tenerife is the greenest and most beautiful of the Canary Islands, so there are plenty of opportunities to go on excursions in the landscape. On the southern part of the island you can enjoy lovely beaches, while you up north can experience the local Canary city life.  
    On the southwest part of Tenerife you find the two most popular holiday cities, Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. Playa de las Americas is the most vibrant city on the island, with lovely beaches, a charming boardwalk and everything you could wish for in shops, restaurants and bars. If you take a walk down the boardwalk you will end up in the more relaxed Los Cristianos. Here you can enjoy living in more relaxed surroundings, but still be close to good restaurants and shops, in the nearby city Playa de las Americas.     
    When you have had enough of lying on the beach, then Tenerife is perfect for exciting excursions. Go around the island to see the tranquil towns, where the local live and experience the real Canary culture. The capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife and the beautiful harbour city Puerto de la Cruz are both worth a visit.  

    Besides the charming cities, Tenerife also has a very unique landscape. Experience the world’s biggest crater, with nine volcanoes, which are covered in a thick layer of solidified lava. The island’s highest mountain is the volcano Teide, which you can get up and experience, with a trip in the associated funicular. Tenerife is the perfect holiday island, with plenty of sun, beautiful beaches and exciting nature and culture!