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    City or beach holiday? That is a question many people ask themselves when planning the next holiday, but in Barcelona you do not have to choose. The Spanish city is located by the sea and therefore unites the advantages of a lively city holiday and a relaxing beach vacation. 
    If you want to feel the atmosphere and life in the city, you should take a stroll down the Rambla. Here you have rich opportunities for shopping, but you will also experience charming flower sales, small newspaper stands and street artist, who are trying to get your attention with different entertaining acts. When hungry, you should try one of the many charming tapas bars, which offer a wealth of small interesting dishes. Barcelona is also a mecca for fish lovers, as the harbour ensures fresh fish every day, to the many restaurants. Paella with fish is also a must on your list of food you need to try.    
    When you move around in the city, you will quickly notice the many different, colourful and fun buildings. Barcelona is often described as the city of Gaudi, since he with his interesting architecture has created a beautiful and unique townscape. The buildings are made in organic shapes, with colourful mosaics and often look quite surreal. The most famous building is probably the church La Sagrada Família. The construction started back in 1883, and the church is still not finished, so you can probably imagine how big and detailed this church must be.

    If the city life gets too much, you can go on the Funicular de Montjüic, which takes you up in the heights, to more relaxed surroundings. Here you can enjoy a day in the green parks and see the grand view over the city. If you go down to the beach and harbour you will also find a more relaxed and calm holiday vibe, whenever the sun is up.