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    Costa Del Sol in Miraflores Spain, Nice apartment 300 m from beach

    4 Persons • 2 Schlafzimmer • 71 m² • Schwimmbad

    Villa in Andalusia (175 kvm) with heated pool for 6 (8) persons

    8 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 175 m² • Schwimmbad

    Malaga - Fuengirola. Apartment at 134 kvm sea views 25 m from the water , 8 floor, 34 m2 terrace wit

    6 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 135 m² • Schwimmbad

    Sea wiew, 2 pool area

    6 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 93 m² • Schwimmbad

    Malaga - El Palo - Beach, seawiev and a metropol

    4 Persons • 2 Schlafzimmer • 82 m²

    Malaga - Fuengirola 2 bedroom apartment with sea views 50 m from the water , Fibernet +TV, 4 floor,

    4 Persons • 1 Schlafzimmer • 70 m² • Schwimmbad • Haustiere erlaubt

    TOTAL renovated

    4 Persons • 1 Schlafzimmer • 45 m² • Schwimmbad

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    All the way down in southern Spain you find the region Andalusia. The area therefore has a lovely warm climate almost all year round. The lovely beaches stretch over Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luc and Costa de Almería, where the combination of sun and sea guarantees the perfect surroundings for a good vacation. A popular beach-city is Málaga, which is the main city in Costa del Sol. Málaga is with its size the perfect combination of city and beach life and during the summer, the area buzzes with life. A little further south you can visit the British island Gibraltar, where the monkeys run free, giving great entertainment for visitors.    
    But the nature in Andalusia is not just beach and ocean. In the region Jaén you can experience beautiful olive groves, while Sierra Nevada with its mountains is the perfect area for a skiing vacation. The national park Doñana is also worth a visit and the extraordinary nature has put the area on UNESCO's world heritage list. In the same area as the national park you also find the capital of Andalusia, Seville, which also offers buildings on the world heritage list. Besides the rich culture the city is also known for its parties. Easter and Fería de Abril always attracts a lot of people.    
    Andalusia is a large area and therefore has something to offer for everyone, depending on where you decide to go. You both find cosy beach-cities and cities filled with culture. The different areas also offer different flavours, like local wine, fried fish in Málaga and smoked ham in Huelva. Andalusia is nature, culture and good weather, perfect for both relaxing and having an active vacation.