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    Liguria, Camogli. Close to the beach and the nature reserve of Portofino, in the small village Cam

    3 Persons • 1 bedrooms • 40 m²

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    Italy for bonvivants in Stradella south of Milan
    2 flats for 4 people for rent all year

    4 Persons • 2 bedrooms • 50 m²

    Large luxurious villa for 6 people with great views in the wine mountains 60km south of Milan

    6 Persons • 3 bedrooms • 172 m²

    Liguria, Camogli. Close to the beach and the nature reserve of Portofino, in the small village Cam

    5 Persons • 1 bedrooms • 45 m²

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    The Italien Riviera is among the first places, which were discovered by the charter tourist and has since been loved for its beautiful coast and mild climate. In Liguria you can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach or go on excursions up in the beautiful green mountains, which meanders along the coast. The charming beach towns are located close together along the coast and offers both modern entertainment and cultural experiences. 

    To the west, close to France you find the province Riviera dei Foiri, which translated means, the Flower Riviera. The area got its name due to the many clove fields and greenhouses with different flowers. The largest city in the province is Imperia, which among other things boasts two beautiful historical harbours. This province also has a lot of lovely sand beaches, for example Diano Marina, which is a favourite among families and Bordighera and Sanremo, which both have a beautiful beach promenade. 

    In the next province you find the bigger beach cities Alassio and Albenga. Alassio has the largest beach, while Albenga has a charming medieval city centre. Savano is the largest city in the province and definitely also worth a visit. 

    Genova is the capital of Liguria and here you can combine a relaxing beach holiday with cultural experiences. Families with kids can also enjoy a trip to the largest aquarium in Europe, which is located by the old harbour. Southeast of Genova the beaches gets smaller and less kids friendly compared to the beaches in the western part of the region. However the coast here is really beautiful and the five cities, which together makes the national park Clinque Terre are all listed on UNESCO's world heritage list. 

    Beautiful experiences and relaxation in the sun is what awaits you on a vacation to Liguria.