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    Brittany, a region in the northwest of France, is a known tourist destination not because it comes with the entire modern ambience that we know of. It is known as a place to have lived through the modern times and still enjoy their old cultural ways. Vacation is often a way to separate yourself, although temporarily, from the daily grind you. For this matter, it is a good idea that you choose a place that offers a different ambience than what you are already used to. 
    It starts with the culture. This region is known to be quite conservative. This enabled them to conserve their culture for a very long time. From their ancient roots to their foundation, Brittany has stayed within their own unique culture. This gives them a unique identity. They have their own art, music and literature. Simply, they have a long list of stories to tell their visitors.
    Nature tripping can be best enjoyed in Brittany as well. The countryside is rich with healthy natural resources, which offer fresh air with minimal traffic. This allows for a good day with hiking, biking or even for a simple stroll along the beach. Then there is the food. Sumptuous local cuisine can be enjoyed after a long trek. Having a little chat with your group while enjoying some local delicacies, fresh from the farm.

    The French largely influenced the local architecture of Brittany. Around 17th and the 18th centuries, most of the main seaports and towns were endowed with a typical French look. This was designed with baroque and neoclassical inspirations. Homes with traditional designs, old buildings and some lighthouses were built from these patterns. Brittany is really a place to look into for a vacation. Looking into its past glory and how they managed to mingle tradition and modern ways together perfectly. With still some unspoiled areas, staying here could be such a delight.