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    Large duplex apartment with direct poolacces and all facilities

    9 Persons • 4 bedrooms • 296 m²

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    Luxus house in Alanya, 180 m2, 4 beedrooms, 2 bathroom, panorama off the sea

    8 Persons • 4 bedrooms • 180 m²

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    With its mild winters and long, warm summers Alanya is always ready to welcome you to the perfect sunshine holiday. The city Alanya used to be located on top of a cliff with a beautiful view over the ocean. You can still see the mighty fortress that used to surround the city. Today the city has moved down to the ocean, giving you the pleasure of the two, kilometres-long, beaches, which surrounds the city today. If you do not wish to just laze on the beach, you can also try one of the many water activities such as water skiing, pedal boats, paragliding and diving. There is also a newly build water park in the centre of the city.    

    Alanya also offers other things than water, sun and beach. The city has a wide variety of shopping at good prices. You can find everything from clothes and jewellery to fresh spices and good tea. Remember to bargain the price. When the night comes you can enjoy a walk on the harbour and visit one of the many restaurants and pubs in the area. Alanya is filled with life, guaranteeing you to never get bored.    
    Turkey is also known for its many wellness offerings. The Turkish wellness or Hamas as it is called in Turkey are the perfect way to unwind and get away from everyday stress. Besides everything the city has to offer, it is also recommended that you rent a car and go visit the near by areas, which are filled with beautiful nature and old culture. Alanya has something for everyone, whether you are a family with kids, a group of young people or a couple, you are guaranteed a good time