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    Prestige apartment in Portugal/Cascais near sea and golf

    Lisbon Coast

    6 Persons • 3 Schlafzimmer • 230 m

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    A good attraction for tourist is the beaches. There is a huge demand for a place whenever beautiful beaches abound it. One of the best places to visit in Portugal for its amazing beaches is Lisbon Coast. Known as "Costa de Lisboa" in Portuguese, this place is in the center and part of the capital city of Lisbon, Portugal. And for tourist, this region should be on your must-visit list.
    The Lisbon Coast is not just home to beautiful beaches but to friendly villages, monuments and museums as well. Take a look at the town of Cascais for instance. Here you will find colorful history in the many fortresses that surrounds it. A good example of this is Philip II of Spain's renaissance citadel by the sea. Beaches can be enjoyed in this area as well. You can even view the townscape of Cascais through Praia do Pescadores. Strolling further along the coast you can find what the locals call 'Boca do Inferno' (mouth of hell), because of its jagged coastal ravine, which is continuously beaten by ferocious waves.
    Another very interesting town within this region is Sesimbra. This town was a small fishing village. This town is known for its natural sheltered cove. Also, this town is home to the blue shallow sea and one of the prettiest beaches in Portugal Portinho beach.

    And if you want to connect more with nature, you will find the renowned Sintra Cascais National Park very interesting. This area is home to wonderful rugged cliff faces. It also has rich green areas with rare animals and waterfalls. The park also features some baroque palaces that can be found along the lively green areas. Here you can enjoy trekking, hiking or some biking. Lisbon Coast in Portugal is a very interesting place to go on vacation and offers some of the best when it comes to nature and beaches.