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    Tuscany is for pleasure seekers! With a beautiful landscape, delicious food, and wine not to forget, Toscana welcomes you to an amazing holiday in relaxing surroundings. We recommend you rent a car or take your own car with you to explore the area. On your trips you will be met by rolling fields, charming olive groves and more vineyards than you can count. The vineyards also often have an associated winery, where you can come in and taste the local wines.   
    Besides the delicious wine, which Tuscany is so famous for, the region also offers sublime culinary experiences. The food is simple and straightforward. No fancy food snobbery, but instead a focus on making good food with the best produce that everyone can appreciate. You can look forward to delicious bread, crostini and main courses prepared with basil, sage and rosemary.     
    Besides the beautiful nature and delicious food, Tuscany also has some exciting culture sites. Visit one of the famous castles in Tuscany or one of the many small convents and charming villages in the region. For culture lovers, Florence is also a city worth visiting. Florence is an old renaissance city, which is packed with cultural treasures. Especially the old part of town is unique and here you can easily go by food and explore the area on your own. If you get tired of culture and art, Florence also has some amazing restaurants and cafes and some of the best shopping in Europe.    

    Another famous city in Tuscany is Pisa. The city has gotten famous due to its leaning tower, which draws many tourists to the area, to take funny pictures of the special phenomenon. If you dare, it is still possible to take the stairs to the top of the tower. Besides that, Pisa also has a very beautiful botanic garden