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    Off the cost of Italy is the Mediterranean’s biggest island, Sicily. The island’s size makes it possible to adjust your vacation to your specific requests. You both find small Sicilian villages, tourist cities with lovely beaches and bigger cities with plenty of shopping and cultural experiences.  
    Sicily is a nature experience, like no other. The nature is a mixture between beautiful coast and lush hills. The biggest nature experience at Sicily is probably the active volcano Etna. Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe, but that does not stop the top from always being covered in snow. During winter it is even possible to ski down the volcano. During summer you can go on hikes at the lower parts of the volcano and enjoy the amazing view over the island. 
    After an exhausting day hiking, then there is hardly anything better, than to enjoy a glass of good wine with some lovely food in the warm evening wind. Sicily is far from the traditional tourist cuisine with pictures of burgers and french-fries. Here you get the best from the Italian, Arabic and North African kitchen, in one delicious blend. For dessert you should try some of their delicious Italian ice cream.    
    Besides the culinary and nature experiences, Sicily also has some interesting historic sites. In the city Taormina you can see Greek tragedies on the 2000-year-old amphitheatre. Also in the island’s largest city Palermo, it is possible to experience the island’s cultural soul. Here you find Palazzo dei Normani, which is a beautiful royal palace. You can also go on a stroll trough the city and see the baroque buildings and Arabic palaces. Catania is also filled with beautiful baroque buildings, and here you also get to enjoy the gaudy street market, where you can buy everything your heart desire.  

    In between all the exciting experiences it is nice to relax a bit and enjoy the sun. Sicily has plenty of lovely beaches with turquoise water and soft white sand. You can enjoy the less visited and more relaxes beaches or the active beaches, where it is possible to try a wealth of water sports.