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    Located in the middle of the Mediterranean is the Italian island Sardinia, a true paradise with lovely beaches and a clear blue ocean. And it does not hurt either, that the island has a lovely warm climate with plenty of sunshine.  
    Sardinia is the perfect destination for beach holidays and nature experiences, with its warm climate, tropical landscape and beautiful, blue ocean. In the clear ocean you can dive or snorkel and see the amazing colourful fish. You can also go on a boat trip and see the beautiful cliff formations and the interesting stalactite caves. Back on land you can go on lovely hikes out in the tropical landscape.  
    At the east coast, south of the city Olbia, you find a wealth of beautiful white sand beaches, which besides their beauty are also very child friendly. North of Olbia is the Emerald Coast, which is known to have the most beautiful water in all of Sardinia. The coast here is made up from cliffs and small coves with beach areas. Many places you go directly from the cliffs down to swim in the clear ocean. The Emerald Coast is a popular jet set destination, so if you wish to see large luxury yachts, this is the place to be.  
    At Sardinia you do not find major cities, but will instead get to enjoy your vacation in charming harbour cities along the coast. The island’s capital Cagliari is a very charming city with its medieval town and beautiful boardwalk. Common for the Sardinian cities are that you almost always will be able to find a cosy local restaurant, where you can enjoy your dinner with a lovely ocean view. The cities are closely tied to the ocean and offer a delicious selection of seafood, which can be enjoyed with a class of cold white wine. If your prefer meat you can look forward to piglet, boar and lam, which are the island’s specialties.   
    Sardinia is perfect for relaxing and enjoying life, but at the same time offers plenty of opportunities for an active holiday with diving and hiking. The possibilities are many on this beautiful Italien island.