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    In the northern part of Germany, bordering to Denmark is the region Schleswig-Holstein. The region is made up from the unique Wadden Sea, raw waves and a ton of beaches. Here you can feel the wind in your hair and experience the fresh air revitalize your lungs.   
    Many go to Schleswig-Holstein for the beautiful nature and the relaxing atmosphere. The Wadden Sae to the west is at the UNESCO world heritage list and invites you in to 4,430 square meters of untouched nature with exciting animal life. At land you find beautiful white beaches and the raw cliffs. The nature here is generally a mixture of wild forces and soft lush areas. This can also be seen when you move further into the country where you are met by deep green and calm forests, gurgling streams and rippling rivers.  
    The beautiful and varying nature makes the area perfect for an active holiday. Out on the ocean you can try windsurfing and in the country on the more calm lakes you can go canoeing or kayaking. The area also has a wealth of good hiking and biking trails depending on the desired pace. And after some active days it is nice to relax on the beach or enjoy a picnic in the forest.  
    Their strong ties to the sea characterize the cities in Schleswig-Holstein. You find many beautiful cities along the coast with lovely historic buildings. The maritime feel can among others be experienced in the region’s capital, Kiel. Kiel is beautifully located by the Kiel Fjord and the large harbour, which never sleeps is the heart of the city. The city has a modern centre with many good shops, restaurants and cafes. Many of the old buildings still stand beautifully and well preserved, making it possible to still enjoy the lovely maritime architecture, which has characterized the city for years.