Follow in Martin Walker’s footsteps in PERIGORD NOIR, SOTHWEST FRANCE

  • By Elisa K. | 26/02-2015 00:00
    Do you know the writer Martin Walker, who wrote the books about the police officer Bruno and takes place in the city Le Bugue in southwest France close to Bergerac? Follow in his footsteps, when he tells you about his favourite places in Dordogne.
    His ‘journey’ begins with a trip in a red hot air balloon, where he follows the winding Dordogne River. He admires all the beautiful castles and fortress. The trip ends with breakfast in the grass (petit déjeuner sur l’herbe). He talks about his favourite eating-places. The Michelin star restaurant “Le Vieux Logis” in Tremolat, which is his number 1 favourite. A lunch could also be enjoyed in “Chez Julien” in Paunat. The city prides itself of having a church from 860. Build after a Viking attack. Or another completely different eating experience is a dinner at Yannick’s “Les Truiffieres” in Tremolat. It is like eating in his private living room. 
    Martin W. describes the area with many prehistoric memories. The famous caves in Lascaux and the museum in Les Eyzie. He describes cities like Cadouin and Saint-Avit-Sénieur, which have some big, old and interesting monasteries/convents. Every Tuesday he goes to the market in Le Bugue, he makes a stop at “Le Chai Monique” and drinks a glass of red wine.   
    He tells about all the things you can see in the area, which is famous for its truffles, foies gras, confit de canard, wine and medieval cities. The Dordogne River is the river in Europe with mot different fish. Have you ever seen a “fish elevator”? You can find that here in Dordogne. 

    Come to Dordogne, Perigord noir and enjoy life here, “Eat and be happy”. Experience the area, which the French calls their pantry!