West Jutland and the roaring North Sea

  • By Vacation-NOW | 09/07-2014 00:00

    If the trip goes to the western part of Jutland, then the North Sea is a guaranteed part of your trip. Experience the raw and roaring sea, which strikes against the endless amount of beautiful beaches. You will in general experience an amazing and different nature if you decide to go to the western part of Jutland. Here the bushy dunes fringe the beaches and if you move longer into the middle of Jutland you can experience the colourful heather.  

    There is a long list of things you can experience in the western part of Jutland, but especially the nature is worth the visit. Experience the windblown beaches and try windsurfing at Hvide Strand and Ringkøbing Fjord. A great experience is also a trip to the Wadden Sea National Park where you can go on funny excursions and learn about the life in the Wadden Sea. Make sure to visit the Wadden Sea Centre (Vadehavscentret) first, where you can find exciting exhibitions and where you can book guided trips in the National Park.

    The National Park lies by the biggest city in the western of Jutland, Esbjerg, which is also worth a visit. The city is always bussing with life and you can enjoy a nice day with shopping and café visits. Visit the city during Esbjerg Party week, where you free of charge can enjoy music for an entire week in August. It is also in Esbjerg you find the characteristic white statues, portraying four men sitting with their eyes looking over the ocean. Not surprisingly the sculpture is also named ‘People by the Sea’.  

    If you want to experience fish and animals up close and not just the ones you find in nature, a visit to The Jutland aquarium (Jyllandsakvariet) and Jutland Park Zoo (Jylland Park Zoo) is amongst the most popular sights in the western of Jutland. If you prefer the smaller and cosier animal parks, you should visit Blåvand Zoo. The kids will love it, because here you find plenty of petting animals they can cuddle with and nice playgrounds to play on. Then you might as well stop by Blåvands Huk too, the most western point in Denmark.  

    So what are you guys waiting for, go on vacation by the roaring North Sea and get an amazing experience with nature, relaxation and family time.