Top 10 places in Italy for kids by travel experts

  • By | 18/02-2016 00:00
    The most difficult question that is asked by everyone before planning a holiday is "what place we should visit for holidays?" No doubt, there are numerous places in the world which are worth seeing but Italy is known to be in the wish list of many people because of a number of reasons. Breathtaking cultural attractions and historical monuments make Italy the top choice for many travelers especially for those who have kids. If you think Italy is only for couples who are looking for a romantic getaway, then you though wrong. Below are the top places in Italy worth visiting that will also surely enjoyed by kids.


    Vicenza might not be on your top list of cities to visit in Italy. This city is for people who are looking for a break from the crowd yet you can still feel the Italian culture. I highly recommend visiting this place because generally, the cost here is cheaper than the other cities, it’s more laid back place and there are more than 7 reasons to visit this lovely city. - Mary Charlie of


    Head to Pugilia on the south eastern heel of this amazing stretch of coastline! While it might be difficult to tempt your children away from your villa’s pool or the long stretches of sandy beaches with their warm shallow, crystal clear waters, there's loads of things to convince them to leave their buckets and spades at home for a day or 2! Check out the Zoo Safari, the insanley fun Curtipetrizzilandia Acquapark, or go tree climbing at Indiana Park! Pugilia is a great spot for the kids as well as the adults! - Stu & Eloise of


    Aside from the famous Colosseum, you can find other interesting places in Rome that will definitely suit the kids of any age. Such places includes: Pantheon, Vatican Museum and St. Peter’s Basilica. Also another interesting activity to try out while you’re in Rome is by learning how to fight like a gladiator via a gladiator school. Both kids and adults get a chance to dress like and train like a true gladiator. The training involves hopping over twirling bars, swinging sandbags and sword. After the training is done you and your kids will have a chance to fight a real gladiator. –
    After visiting these interesting places, you and your kids should be starving and here are some of the best places to eat in Rome: If the kids love cheese then they’ll definitely love Antico Forno Roscioli, if they crave for pizzas or Italian foods then head to Forno Campo De Fiori or Pizzeria Ai Marmi And visiting Italy is not complete without eating gelato, and Giolitti is the place where you should be. -

    Cinque Terre

    Another place that is not so famous, but an ideal family destination is Cinque Terre. The Cinque Terre is a string of centuries-old seaside villages on the rugged Italian Riviera coastline. Why travel to Cinque Terre? Here are some of the reasons: Beaches, food, beautiful views, wine, grapes, vineyards and it is a Unesco world heritage site. - 

    San Vito lo Capo

    Going in Italy on summer? Then San Vito lo Capo is where you should head. Aside from the lovely beach where can kids could enjoy swimming, you and the kids could also visit the nearby Zingaro Nature Reserve to marvel at nature’s natural beauty. -

    Museum, Parks and Playgrounds

    Museum is a place where you can travel back to time without leaving your current place. And Italy is full of it one which is Explora—il Museuo dei Bambini di Roma which is located near Piazza del Popolo. This museum is especially built for kids and lots of activities especially the mini life-like city where kids can pretend to be grownups will surely enjoyed by kids. And if you have a baby in you, or the kids just need some place to run around or do some picnic, here are two places you should visit. Piazza Celimontana (walk south on Via Claudia), it has a large playground with climbing structures, swings and slides. Ideal for kids who want to play. Another playground for kids is Parco Giochi (Parco Monte Celio), a beautiful green park complete with miniature pony rides and picnic ground. This park is ideal for strollers who want to enjoy the fresh air provided by the surrounding trees. You can find this park going further up hill, on Via della Navicella, and turn right (at the church) and follow the paths. - Steffi Nell of

    Pistoia Zoo

    Kids love animals and what better way to see these creatures is by visiting a zoo. Pistoia zoo in Tuscany is home to many kinds of animals such as tigers, lions, hippos, elephants and many more. Just located outside of Florence, the Pistoia zoo should be on your travel itinerary. -


    Yes! Who doesn’t love castles? Even grownups are fascinated with these magnificent piece of architecture. Castles of all shapes and sizes are to be found in the country, castles such as Doge's Palace in Venice or Castle Sant'Angelo in Rome will surely be a delight to kids and adults with their weapons and armors display. Also many Italian towns and cities have castles and palaces within the city limits, sometimes in their very center, so transportation will not be an issue. – Life in Italy

    Lucca Walls

    Another place that should be on your list is Lucca Walls in Tuscany. Your vacation to Italy will not be complete if you and your kids didn’t experience to bike the walls of this popular family destination. Just don’t forget to remind your kids that the edge of the wall on the side of Lucca center is not fenced in any way, so kids must be bike only on the bike path and not stray toward the edge. Evening is the most enjoyable time to for a ride, as the locals do. –