Summer Holiday in South Jutland

  • By Vacation-NOW | 19/06-2015 00:00
    The summer holiday is approaching and the kids are probably starting to ask, ‘what are we going to do on the vacation?’ If you do not have the answer, then keep reading as we give you a list of the best summer activities in south Jutland:  
    If there is a place, which is not just famous in Denmark, but in the entire world, for being filled with fun and entertainment, it is LEGOLAND. LEGOLAND is packed with fun rollercoasters for kids of all ages and allows you to emerge into the amazing fantasy world of LEGO. Every Thursday in July it is possible to finish of your visit with the fun Wild West Evening in the park, where you get delicious food and entertainment. Another fun park is UNIVERSE, where it is science, which is in focus. Here you get to see, touch and experiment with every possible thing you could imagine. If that is not enough for you, then you can also ride on Segway and build your own water rocket.     
    South Jutland is filled with beautiful nature and interesting animals. Among others can be mentioned, the Wadden Sea, which is on the UNESCO world heritage list. You can experience the Wadden Sea on your own or join one of the arranged tours that the Wadden Sea Centre (Vadehavscentret) offers. South Jutland has also always been home for a lot of fishermen. You can learn more about the fishermen at the Fishing and Sailing museum (Fiskeri- og Søfartsmuseum), where there, all summer, will be craftsmen showing how to make ropes, do blacksmith work and much more. You can also see a lot of interesting fish in the saltwater aquarium or say hey to the cute seals in the Sælarium.       
    If the Danish animals are not exciting enough, it is always a sure hit to visit a zoo. Givskud Zoo is the biggest zoo in the area, and here you get to come close to the animals, when you drive around on safari in the park. As something new, they also has 17 natural sized dinosaur models and the entire summer you can dig for fossils, cast a dinosaur tooth or decorate your own dinosaur. It is also possible to stay the night in a tent on the savannah or participate in the morning wakening of the animals. Blåvand Zoo is a smaller, but very lovely zoo. Here there are a lot of cute petting animals, which the kids can have fun with. It is also the only place in Denmark where you get to see white lions. Glad Zoo is also a smaller, but very exciting zoo. Here you also get to see shows with birds of prey, and experience the rush when a bird flies right over your head. Glad Zoo is also a learning centre, guaranteeing you a lot of new knowledge from your visit.         
    If the weather is bad, then Lalandia is a good place to visit. Here you can enjoy a tropical waterpark, even in the worst possible weather. Besides the waterpark, they also have a bowling alley, miniature golf course, ice skating rink and many other fun activities. You can also take the kids to an indoor playground, where they can burn some energy while having fun.   

    One thing is for sure no matter if the sun shines or the rain pours down, you will have a good vacation in south Jutland!