Sæby – A fishermen city

  • By Stella B. | 19/03-2015 00:00
    Lyngså Beach near Sæby is a good starting point for a relaxing vacation. You can enjoy the white beach, which is very kids-friendly with low water, plenty of seashells and small animals you can catch in a bucket.  
    For the many food enthusiasts Sæby offers a cornucopia of delicious fish dishes in the well-known Jensen’s Fish Restaurant (Jensens Fiskerestaurant). After a lovely meal you get to take a stroll on the seafront, where the Lady of the ocean towers proud and welcomes the ships home from a days work at the sea.  
    Historic buildings, small rivers and charming wooden bridges, surround the trading life in Sæby. The entire city is easily overviewed, if you visit Sæby – miniature town, where everything is made as a perfect copy of the city, both as it is today and in earlier times. The church in Sæby was also featured in a Danish Christmas television show. Sæbygård forest is also worth exploring, especially if you like Geo Caching, since there are many treasures to find here.   
    Not far from Lyngså lies Lagunen Camping, which host a big and fun, weekly flea market. Rainy days can be spent shopping in Aalborg or Frederikshavn, which are both located within 50 kilometres. About 1-hour drive away you find, the best amusement park in Scandinavia, Fårup Summerland, where an entire day is easily spent, before the sunset can be enjoyed over Blokhus Beach.    
    In Aså lies the nearest farm shop, which sells vegetables, sausages and meat. A lot of farm shops in the area also sell apple juice, honey, ceramics, art and other local specialities.   
    Should you want an excellent meal in relaxing surroundings it is worth visiting Skovgaards Raalingen in Hou, where you can barbecue kangaroo, lam, wildebeest and other meet after your taste. You find small sitting areas in the restaurants garden. 

    Enjoy it, maybe I will se you there