Pampering – renewal - immersion

  • By Charlotte D. | 25/02-2014 00:00
    Jegum Ferieland….
    Away from the typical tourist areas and yet still close to everything, lies the lovely scenic area of Jegum Ferieland. Do you like being yourself and do you love the Danish nature with peace and harmony this is the place for you. A holiday home area with just short of 700 holiday homes joined together in one green oasis. Common for all is an area with a grocery store, playground and cafeteria, and then there is the possibility to feed the goats as well.

    This peaceful place is centrally located next to three of the best Danish beaches, Blåvand, Vejers and Henne beach. Blåvand is the place for the tourists with shopping, always life and people, life music and even on a winter day you see a queue in front of the ice cream store, where the kids have the possibility to make sweets as well. You can also make your own candles, which brings warmth and happiness when you gather in your holiday home. In Vejers there is a long beach where it is allowed to drive in your car and Henne offers pony rides and café atmosphere.

    One hours drive away you find LEGOLAND, which is the self-written attraction on the holiday list. A place where both old and young easily spend and entire day in the company of one of the world’s largest brands: LEGO. The word is actually put together from the to Danish words “leg godt” which translated means play well, and the block is unique for play, learning and creativity and reappears in all families through generations.

    When Denmark is at is best we talk about the Nordic cuisine, and close to Jegum Ferieland lies one of the best gourmet restaurants in Denmark; Henne Kirkeby Kro, where Paul Cunningham is ‘Chef Cuisine’. It is definitely worth a visit.