Nr. Lyngby

  • By Per F. B. | 29/05-2014 00:00

    Right between Lønstrup, with its’ many special craft shops, and Løkken, with more people and life, you find NR. LYNGBY.

    This place is really peaceful, and you will be able to find peace in the nature even during the busy summer period. Just behind the beach in the plantation you often see hares, partridges and deer, which thrive good here. In the summer there is a lot of life in the area, where the pub is a big attraction. People come from all around to enjoy a good beer and some nice company. Also many locals enjoy eating here on the days where they want a day away from the kitchen.

    At sunset the trip goes to the beach. You can either go to the left towards Løkken along the seashore a couple of kilometres, then up a flight of stairs and home on the dune, where it goes up and down. It is a lovely fresh walk in all kinds of weather. Or you can go to the right, where you can see how much the ocean has taken from the area, many things are hanging out and wells and building materials are witnesses of the violent powers The North Sea puts the nature through. Year after year a bit more of the cliff edge is taken away. It is always exciting to see how much is left. 

    At the North Sea trail, which goes up on the top of the dunes, you can get to both Løkken and Lønstrup. If you go to Lønstrup, your trip will pass by the lighthouse – hurry up before it falls in the ocean. The night sky is unique here, where there are hardly any streetlights. Here you really get to see the stars without any disruptive light. The oceans roar can be heard from a far distance and gives a calmly background sound. Here at the North Sea you do not need any sleeping pills, since all the fresh air gives a natural fatigue.