Would you spend your holiday in a mobile home?

  • By Borut S. | 20/02-2015 00:00
    Are you one of those people who are wondering why camping holidays are becoming so popular and widespread? Why more and more friends, relatives and colleagues are going on holiday in a mobile home? 
    Camping holidays offer a unique opportunity to spend your holiday outdoor! Mobile homes in the camp are situated by the sea, river, lake or the mountains, and regarding other accommodations, have a privileged position as they are in harmony with nature. A cost-effective solution for families and those who want to spend more time in contact with nature without the formalities and time restrictions. 
    Vacation in the mobile home is a perfect solution for family, friends or colleagues, as well as for children, adolescents and the elderly. A Holiday, which is environmentally friendly and allows for fun and relaxation with reduced energy consumption, in line with the trend of green tourism. Break out of the monotony and routines, and get back to the natural rhythm of life with relaxation for body and soul. 
    The surroundings of a mobile home and a large wooden terrace in front of it, allows establishing new friendships and hanging-out with friends. Camping holidays also allows you to have an active holiday with a variety of sports activities, field trips and excursions or simply enjoy a walk in the nature. More and more camps offer services tailored to the different needs of holiday guests, ensuring comfort on a daily basis. Because of the excellent equipment you can spend your vacation in contact with nature but at the same time feel “just like home”. 

    Although it is true that mobile homes cost more in the high seasons, do not overlook the fact that, despite the higher price, you take care of the whole family (up to 6 members) giving them a great camping vacation. This kind of vacation also allows you to move freely around the mobile home and in the camp, which your children will be most grateful for, because they will have a lot of space to play on, at all times.