North Jutland: On vacation in the lights country

  • By Vacation-NOW | 31/07-2014 00:00

    On the extreme tip of north Jutland the oceans smash together. A special light lies over the sky and the whole thing appears completely unique and beautiful. Welcome to north Jutland also known as the lights country. 

    North Jutland is surrounded by water as the rest of Denmark, but here you get the unique opportunity to experience two oceans meet. Take the trip up to Grenen and see Kattegat and the North Sea meet. The cosy tractors known as the Sand worms (Danish: Sandormen) takes you out to the tip, so you can try and stand with one food in each ocean. It is a really fun trip, which the entire family can enjoy. Another special nature phenomenon that is worth a visit is the church buried in sand, which lies hidden in the sand dunes south of Skagen.  
    North Jutland also offers some nice cities; especially Skagen is a well-known tourist attraction. Skagen is known for its artistic soul, which you still sense today. The unique light and the harsh, but beautiful nature have made it an obvious target for artists, who still flocks to the area. At Skagen’s Museum you can experience the famous Skagen paintings, which saw the light in the late 1800s, where the artistic life in Skagen peaked. Another lovely excursion is the trip to Skagen lighthouse, which still stands majestic, guarding the coastline.   
    Another city, which is worth a visit is the fourth biggest city in Denmark; Aalborg. The city busses with life and is in constant development. At the seaport you find the beautiful Utzon Centre, which is made in honour of the famous architect Jørgen Utzon. A place that is also a hit with the kids is Aalborg Zoo; where the day can be spend in the company of exciting and exotic animals.  
    North Jutland in general has a lot of attractions, which both kids and adults can enjoy. Just to mention a few, a trip to Fårup Sommerland is always fun, just like Jesperhus both offers a waterpark, a flower park and an animal park. Last but not least we have to mention the North Sea Oceanarium, which can pride itself of being the biggest aquarium in the northern of Europe. Here you can also fall in love with the cute seals, which look up to you with their irresistible black eyes. 
    Enjoy your vacation in North Jutland; there is plenty to see!