Irresistible, wonderful Dordogne

  • By Elisa K. | 11/12-2013 20:11
    A place not known by many, but come and visit it yourself and you will find the area irresistible. Get up early enough to see the fog still hanging over the river, and take a walk on the top by the steep white slopes, where the Dordogne River meanders as a large snake in the landscape. Look at the big eagles floating in the air and enjoy the fresh air, which smells like sun and the floor of the forest.

    The trip along the ‘mountain ridge’ is wonderful with the different colors of the natural vegetation, which stands untouched, and the walk down is even more breathtaking, because here you get to enjoy the view, which goes as far as to Mauzac and Lalinde. The morning trip ends in the small village Tremolat where the morning coffee and a croissant are enjoyed at the local bar. The church and the city hall can almost be touched. Here you can enjoy watching the city wake up yet again, and look forward to another lovely day in Dordogne.

    After lunch at the terrace you walk down to the river and sail towards Mauzac. Dugs and herons follow you on the trip, and you get to sail close up against the distorted chalk cliffs, where the water through a thousand years has eaten its’ way through the mountain and left beautiful patterns. On the beautiful cliff sides, vegetated by black eggs, the eagles build their nests between caves from the past. After a half hour of sailing the boat is left between many swans, and the trip is taken up to the small village, where a glass of cold white wine from Bergerac is enjoyed at the local bar ‘Bananabar’ where ‘Sally the pirate’ serves, and cooks, a wonderful tapas.

    Dinner is enjoyed at the square in front of the city hall, where tables and chairs has been put up, because tonight we are having Nocturne night. This means you bring your own basket with tablecloth, silverware, plates and glasses, and the dinner is eaten together with 150 other happy; young, old and children. The food and the wine are collected at many stalls where the locals have made different kind of local food and products. This lovely day ends with a dance together with 150 other dancing people.

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