Holiday in Småland

  • By MT Novo Groups | 17/06-2014 00:00

    Your holiday is important and it is important that the atmosphere, the place and the derelict farm suit you and your children. It is not just a question of the price – be willing to pay the extra that the derelict farm costs and get an amazing holiday. Important things if you for example are two families on vacation, is that the place is spacious with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms/toilets and have a big kitchen in ‘modern standards’. Also a freezer is good to have. Another important thing is the surroundings, that the place is sunny and without hordes of mosquitoes. It is perfect with e.g. a grill- and sun terrace.     

    The area should offer attractions, nature experiences, fishing and bathing opportunities. You find a lot of this in the eastern part of Småland. Cosy little seaports, the archipelago, beaches, cities for shopping, nature, Moose Park, waterpark, places they make glass and art, Pippi etc. 

    Experience the real Sweden, this means do not bring your own food, but buy it in Sweden. This is also the case when searching for wine and beer at ‘Systembolaget’ the State-owned wine and beer shop, located in all larger cities. Here you find a unique selection from the entire world and you also find amazing flavours for the enthusiast, and it does not cost much more than the cheap offers from home.

    Bring your smile on vacation and experience Sweden as it is, full of experiences, which is only found in Sweden. Experience amazing nature with moose, lynx and hidden strawberries, blueberries and mushrooms. Find them in the nature or buy them fresh at the grocery store. Remember a holiday in Sweden is often more relaxing for body and soul, than a sun and beach tour to a pool in the south of Europe. Everybody should experience Sweden – what are you waiting for, book your vacation in Sweden today!