Hasmark Strand, the best beach in Denmark

  • By Henrik B. | 04/03-2014 00:00
    Big words, but we actually mean what we say. As a ‘blue flag’ beach (the symbol for good beaches in Denmark), we feel that it supports our claim. As you probably know it is always ‘fresh’ to jump into the waves in Denmark and it can therefore only be a plus that this water is also some of the cleanest you can find.

    Hasmark Strand is a larger area for vacation houses on the northern of Funen, right next to Kattegat. The area has great opportunities for an amazing Danish holiday.
    In the near area we have a completely unique nature at Enebærodde, with plenty of possibilities for exiting experiences. About 180 different bird types have their home here. In the summer you can get a horse carriage ride around the peninsula. A bike ride to the place can definitely be recommended.

    A subtropical waterpark, both indoor and outdoor with a beautiful Viking theme is to find at the local camp side, which can be use by everybody and also a restaurant with good food at cheap prices.

    ’Hasmark Strand Oase’ opens 2014. A brand new recreation area, by the beach, which will offer: playing fields, shelters and much more. A million kroner project which is build by the municipality of the northern of Funen and the fond Realdania, where there used to be the club ‘Perlen’, which is in the heart of Hasmark Strand.

    Fishing. We can be proud of some good fishing water directly from the beach. By the coast along ‘Enebærodde’ you have a good possibility to catch sea trout, flounder and even cod. At ‘Gabet’ it is possible to get very close to the Danish dolphins (called marsvin).

    In the closely located city Otterup they have market days all summer, where you can buy nearly everything, for example local vegetables and fruit. There are several grocery shops and a lot of unique stores.

    All in all we offer the most here at Hasmark Strand, whether you want peace and quit or fun and party.

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