Hals – East coast pearls and harbour-atmosphere

  • By Fam. Andersen | 25/02-2014 00:00
    Hals is a small city I the Northern of Jutland, and it is a very charming city, with small cosy streets, an atmospheric harbour and a historic fort and a fort play every summer. The city has a big range of unique stores and lovely restaurants and is beautifully placed at the end of ‘Limfjorden’. The ferry bobs up and down to rhythm of the pulse of the city and the harbour, as it goes back and forth from ‘Hals’ to ‘Egense’ and at the ramparts with the historic canons you get to see the amazing view over ‘Hals’ city and ‘Limfjorden’.

    The fort is the best preserved in Denmark and is all the way back from the renaissance, where the first part was build in the mid 1620’s to secure ‘Aalborg’ and the land around ‘Limfjorden’. North and South of ‘Hals’ is one small east coast pearl after the other. The cost is made of beautiful nature, charming cities and boardwalks, dining areas and great shopping possibilities.

    Go to the beach!
    The sand beaches on the east coast are very inviting for water lovers of all ages. The beaches are car free, and there are a lot of possibilities for sunbathing and beach activities. The kids build sandcastles and when the water level falls during the day, they can claim the small sand islands that pup up and use hours on making them there own island kingdoms, with fortresses and castles. On a cloudy day many uses the long beaches for a good walk or maybe decide to go windsurfing or shore fishing. Put and Take fishing lakes, a game of miniature golf or a trip to ‘Hals’ Golf course.

    A visit to the fourth biggest city in Denmark, ‘Aalborg’, 30 kilometers away, is always a trip worth. Pretty streets with a lot of good stores, dining places in the always lovely ‘Jomfru Ane’ street with bars, museum, and a cosy boardwalk.

    Pointer to good vacation activities: Aalborg Zoo, Fries and Bilka mall, the roller-coaster park ‘Fårup Sommerland’ , ‘Hune’, ‘Blokhus’ and ‘Løkken’, ‘Skagen’ and ‘Sæby’.