Grønhøj – Nature and beach when it is at its best!

  • By Martin H. | 01/04-2014 00:00

    Grønhøj is perfectly placed between Løkken and Blokhus. The beach is amazing and if you wish to experience the pulsating summer life, you only have a small drive or bike ride to the two nearest cities. In Grønhøj you find “DAYS” (resort and holiday centre) a few hundred meters from the house. The place also has a grocery store and the beach offers ice cream, food and merchandise for the perfect beach trip.  

    Grønhøj also has a lot to offer, for the nature lovers. It is placed close to Rubjerg Knude where you still have the change to see the lighthouse buried in the sand. Also the area around Mårup Church is a visit worth. The feeling of the cliff, including the old cemetery slowly plunging into the sea is overwhelming. An afternoon at Børglum monastery just about 15 kilometers away from Grønhøj is an amazing experience for the entire family. Among others you find an exhibit from the shoot of the Danish Christmas series “Ludvig and Santa Claus”.      

    Grønhøj offers good walks in the dunes and the area ‘Kettrup Mountains’ is among others a look worth. Here you find relics from World War 2 in the forms of old bunkers from which you can enjoy the perfect view over the ocean. Bring for example coffee or a bottle of wine to the beach and enjoy the sunset at Grønhøj beach. That is VACATION!  

    About 4 km from Grønhøj you find “Fårup Sommerland”. This is a place where the entire family can be entertained with different activities. A trip to Fårup’s waterpark is perfect on a summer day. Saltum, which is 2 km away, offers good shopping possibilities, exhibits and an active city environment. They for example have markets in the summer period. Grønhøj is beautiful, relaxed and a great place for the entire family. It is the perfect summer holiday experience.