Experience the many highlights of Djursland

  • By Frede J. | 25/03-2014 00:00

    Visit the charming Bønnerup, a small cosy fisher village with possibilities of grocery shopping, and also shops with e.g. fashion clothes, fishing gear and much more. The harbour is buzzing with life, with yachts, fishing boats, barbecue and other good eating places.  

    There is a lovely beach and good possibilities for fishing at the pier, where there have been made special platforms for it. There are about 1000 summerhouses in the area, which is located just 2 km outside of Bønnerup.

    There are plenty of good nature experiences, also on bike, where you can find biking trails e.g. ‘Nordsøruten’ (read about it on the internet) and also a trip on the rail track where the old ‘Gjerrildbane’ was. The trip goes through Stenved where there is a museum with railway out in the area where they used to dig for peat in the ‘old days’. 

    Of other activities worth mentioning is the old railway in Allingåbro, where you can rent railway bikes. It is an experience that takes you outside in the nature and allows you to feel the silence. The area also has tree golf courses within reach, in Allingåbro, Grenå and Lübker Golf.

    There are a variety of places to go on excursions, e.g. Grenå with great shopping and the museum ‘Kattegatcentret’, which is definitely worth visiting. Ebeltoft offers ‘Fregatten Jylland’, the old streets, Siamese collection, the glass museum and the old town hall. Kalø castle ruin is also a visit worth, like Mols Mountains, which is a completely unique area, with a nature park and many guided tours.    

    Djurs summerland is a paradise for kids of all ages. And furthermore we have 3 animal parks at Djursland: Ree Park, Scandinavia Animal park and Munkholm zoo, the last one is especially suitable for small kids as well.