Costa Tropical – A magnificent coastline in Andalusia

  • By Jette F. | 03/03-2014 00:00
    Costa Tropical is the coastline east of Malaga – from Almuñecar in west to La Rabiata in east.

    The cities Almuñecar and its’ neighbour to the east Salobreña, is both cities which have a lot to offer. It is a place where you still have the possibility to experience Spain as it used to be. All along the coastline you find beautiful nature, lovely culinary experiences and a very reasonable price level. At Costa Tropical you combine the Mediterranean, that lures you in with its’ crystal clear water, and the background of exciting mountains and rural areas.

    What is special about the cities Salobreña and Almuñecar is that they are not primarily holiday cities for the tourists from the northern of Europe. Especially Salobreña is known for being the place where many Spanish people go on vacation themselves. They come from Madrid and other places farther north to spent their vacation by the Mediterranean, where the wind from the ocean usually insures a comfortable climate, even in the warmest summer months.

    The possibilities in the area are many. It is possible to play golf all year around, and there are many golf courses – precisely as we know it in the area west of Malaga. In the spring and autumn the smaller mountains in front of Sierra Nevada lures with their white cities and many marked walking trails. Extra good places to walk in the area, with beautiful nature, you find in Las Alpujarras and in Low Guajares, which is smaller mountains in front of Sierra Nevada.

    If you are interested in more cultural experiences, the big city Granada is only a one-hour drive from Salobreña. You cannot visit Granada without experiencing the dazzle of Alhambra. Alhambra was build by the moors in the period between 1248 and 1354, and it is one of the most visited tourist spots in Spain. Remember to book your ticket beforehand, which is possible to do on the Internet already before you leave home.

    A trip in the stalactite caves in Maro near Nerja is also an recommended experience and the same is a trip to the old moors castles in Almuñecar and Salobreña.

    But despite the beautiful rural areas, most visitors will still return to the coast where the lovely beaches lures. Here you can sunbathe most of the year and get a fresh swim. The Mediterranean has crystal clear waters in this area and lots of life just under the surface. The big and small colourful fish swim right buy you and if you get near the rocks by the beach there are even more fish. Because of this there are many divers at Costa Tropical. Provided with swimming goggles and snorkel you can get a fascinating swim and look at the exciting life under the surface.

    During the winter it is possible at Costa Tropical to combine a skiing trip with a beach vacation. There is only about a one-hour drive from Salobreña to a skiing area in Sierra Nevada, where 53 lovely skiing slopes at 61 km await. The season for skiing normally goes from December to the end of April.

    As it is said on the coast: “Salobreña is the best kept secret in Andalusia”.

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