Costa Durada - a Spain you do not know!

  • By Viggo P. | 04/03-2015 00:00
    Often when people go on vacation to Spain, they often choose one of the traditional (and over-crowded) places in south and at the islands. There is however other ‘untouched’ places further north. 
    Here is a Spain, most people do not know!
    Spain, Costa Durada south, L’Ampolla is: Beaches, fishing, excursions, olive groves, mountains and valleys. The possibilities for excursions are endless from beaches to idyllic tourist-harbour cities. You can also get amazing experiences on excursions over a couple of days.  
    From ‘the beginning of time’ olive groves have grown here. From time to time wild boars and a golden eagle family consisting of 3 eagles, who lives in the mountains near by, visit the area. The area has its own ‘micro climate’ and is one of the most dry and sunny places in Spain. During the summer heat there is often a refreshing breeze, coming from the mountains.   
    The area Tortosa is mentioned in the history. Hannibal gathered his troops here before the sieging of Rome. The history of the city Tortosa reaches all the way back to the time of Christ. A Danish prince and a monk visited Tortosa in year 400. A giant fort, the old city and the cathedral are also worth visiting. You find good shops and a, exciting cultural scene here. The narrow mountain road by Col de Alba, with its lovely view and nature is a must!     
    Within a 1-hour drive (45 kilometres) you can reach the top of Mont Caro, 1,442 metres up, and visit the national park with its dramatic view. Here the mountain goats, golden eagles and (in September) vultures often meet. Along the Ebro River you can visit the castle in Miravet and the old city. A small ferry, driven by the stream in the river, takes you over the river.    

    The Ebro delta has a large production of rice and mussels and a lot of fishing along the beaches. Together with the Mediterranean, the river delta provides a humid climate. It is possible to go on excursions with a tour boat or go sailing yourself in a small boat. Ebro Delta National Park is famous for its birdlife including flamingos. Here you get plenty of nature and animal wildlife.