Copenhagen – Fresh air, culture and entertainment

  • By Vacation-NOW | 26/10-2014 00:00
    Copenhagen has been voted the most liveable city several years, and this is among others due to the many green areas and clean harbour pools. Copenhagen is a unique possibility to get a city vacation combined with trips to beautiful parks and beaches. The city is also known for its many bikes and it is possible to find city bikes for rent everywhere in the city. So why not see the city while you ride around on a bike, and maybe bike out to Amager beach, which is bussing with life as soon as the sun comes out.   
    Copenhagen is an old city filled with traditions and beautiful architecture. The Round Tower and royal castle Amalienborg is probable some of the best-known attractions, but there are many more places worth a visit. A free guide tour with Sandeman’s kind guides, will take you around Copenhagen. And you get to know the city’s history and not just see the attractions. If you love art and culture a visit to “National Gallery of Denmark” and “Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek” is a hit. “The National Museum” is also a cool experience, where you get to follow Denmark’s history from the ice age and all the way to the present.     
    When the kids get tired of culture you have to go to one of the many kids-friendly attractions. Tivoli is both a beautiful and fun experience. Let the kids ride the rollercoasters while you enjoy the magical surroundings. You can also combine a visit to the park Dyrehaven with rollercoasters at Bakken. If there is something kids also love, it is animals. So why not make the trip to Copenhagen Zoo, where you can see elephants, lions, polar bears and many other animals. If the weather is bad you should go to National Aquarium Denmark, where you can enjoy beautiful fish in nice warm surroundings. Another suggestions for an indoor activity is a visit to Experimentarium City, where you get to play, touch and feel and get a better knowledge of your bodies and the nature’s forces.       

    Copenhagen is culture and entertainment combined, to give the entire family a fun vacation. And on top of all the fun activities you get to enjoy good restaurants, shopping and a sea of possibilities when it comes to theatre and events. You will not be bored when you visit Copenhagen!