Autumn break in north Jutland

  • By Vacation-NOW | 25/09-2014 00:00

    The cold weather is here, but that does not mean that you are done having fun. What about packing your suitcases and take a trip to north Jutland? Just go, we will make sure to give you a guide to what to do, when you get there. 

    At the Jutland Aquarium (Jyllandsakvariet) you always find plenty of entertainment, but in the autumn break they upped the level so there is even more activities to pick from. You can go on the fun amber safari or try the kids-friendly trip, where you are sent on an amber treasure hunt. They also offer a city and harbour trip or what about a visit to a real fishing boat? There are plenty to do, so make sure to check their calendar, so you do not miss out on anything important. In National park Thy, you also get to enjoy some fresh air, when you go out to spot the bird and plant of the month. A little hint the bird of the month is the largest breeding bird in the North Atlantic Sea. If you want to get even closer to animals, you need to go to Aalborg Zoo. Here the kids get to try being zookeepers for a day, and follow the zookeepers around, helping them take care of the animals.      
    Do you like fun and butterflies in you stomach, then Fårup Summerland is where you need to go. Sure it is called a Summerland, but there is plenty of fun in the autumn as well, when they open the doors for a Harvest Festival. As part of the festival a fun bale of straw maze and a large activity land is put up. You can also take your family with you out in the beautiful autumn forest and go on a treasure hunt. As something special they also host a bike and running competition, where the distances are made so that everyone in the family can join. And when you get tired and cold, you can relax in front of the warm fire with a cup of hot cocoa. Also in Jesperhus you get to explore your inner child, when you play in straws, cut pumpkin men and go on a ghost hunt.     
    If it all gets a bit to modern, you should go to the Viking centre Fyrkat (Vikingecenter Fyrkat), which in the autumn break are the home of Viking groups from all over Denmark. They work at the shops and live like real Vikings. They also host a Harvest Festival and an archery competition. Last, but not least we also need to mention Nordsø Oceanarium where the autumn means a fun theme about seaweed. Why do they eat seaweed in Japan, and how does it taste? Get all your questions answered about the funny seaweed.   
    Bring a lot of warm clothe with you because a vacation in north Jutland is filled with plenty of fresh air, nature and animal life, which of course also leads to plenty of smiles and laughter. North Jutland is for the entire family, so you can look forward to a good autumn break.