12 great and free vacation experiences for kids in Denmark

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    On vacations can days without activities be long and boring for kids. But vacations can be expensive. Don’t worry we have 3 great ideas to keep the kids entertained 4 different places in Denmark without you spending any money. 


    Frilandsmuseet – the national museum if Denmark

    Here you and your kids can experience how it was to live in Denmark at the time where H. C. Andersen was alive. Bring the whole family and go explore the houses and gardens of the past, while you can pet different animals. During the summer there are theatre worth watching for both adults and kids.

    Tower playground in Fælledparken

    All the famous towers in Copenhagen are gathered at this interactive playground, and the towers are transformed into kids’ sizes. With different games like electronic tag and picture puzzles the kids can learn about the history behind the towers in a fun and entertaining way. 

    Amager strandpark (beach resort)

    You can still take a day to the beach even though you are on vacation in the city. Take a trip to the biggest beach in Copenhagen. Amager Strandpark gives you the best facilities to a great day at the beach. There are a lagoon and activities all year around. 


    H.C Andersen parade 

    Are you in Odense with your kids during the summer holiday? Then you should definitely take the time to see this little show – ‘21 fairy tales in 21 minutes’. Your kids will definitely be fascinated by the pretty costumes and the cheerful music. 

    Kerteminde Nordstrand (beach) 

    This is the perfect beach for kids. The water doesn’t get deep before you get far out, so the small kids can safely play in the edge of the water. So if the weather is good, pack your beach gear and spend a day here with sand between your toes. 

    Play route along the small stream in Odense

    Bring your kids to this oasis of fun. Along the stream there are 9 playgrounds where kids in all ages can play for free. Every playground has a different theme, like fitness or Thumbelina from the fairy tale. Bring the whole family to this perfect place, where there’s also a football field, playground for bikes and a big area for skating. 

    Northern Jutland 

    Grenen – The most northern part of Denmark. 

    There’s something fascinating about standing with a foot in Kattegat and a foot in Skagerak. At Grenen two oceans meet, and it will surely impress your kids. Often the seals are sun bathing on the beach among the tourists. 

    Universitarium in Aalborg

    The Universitarium is worth a visit if you and your kids are in Aalborg between 26 June and 9 august. Here the kids can try different experiments, where they use their bodies and senses, and the topic this year will be space travel. 

    Nature playground

    You can crawl into the badger’s hole, play on a snail, step on a big wooden piano or climb into the spiders web. Your kids will love this playground, where you also can walk in the footprints of Thumbelina, feel the frog’s bumpy skin, smell mushrooms and listen to the birds peeping. This playground will ensure that your kids will be entertained. 

    South Jutland 

    Madsbyparken in Fredericia 

    Your kids will be thanking you for bringing them to this park. There are loads of activities, try the Tarzan track, the traffic school or pet the animals. You only have to grab for your wallet for renting boats and parking.

    The Vikings Jelling 

    Outside of Vejle there are two big burial mounds that Harald Bluetooth put up for his parents. It may be a little boring for your kids to be looking at a couple of burial mounds, but you can safely bring your kids here. Because there are also a free Exploratorium, where your kids can hear, listen, feel and learn more about the life of the Vikings through digital sense experience. 

    Jels seaside resort 

    Is the danish weather showing its nice site, then pack the beach bag and bring your kids to Jels søbad. Here there are great oportunities for smaller kids to dabble and play at the edge of the water, while the bigger kids can jump in the waves from the bathing jetty. Your kids will love to splash around in the fresh water a warm summer day. 

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