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A summer holiday in Italy is the perfect choice for the entire family when you want a bit of everything. Italy has sun, beaches, wonderful food, and a relaxed atmosphere which appeals to most sun-starving Danes. There is no need to rush here – everything happens at its own natural pace, and this is lovely when you arrive from a hectic everyday life with work, school, and the need to plan everything. Italy is a large country with wonderful beaches, cosy towns, and beautiful mountain areas, so it is not difficult to find exactly the right setting for the next memorable family summer holiday.

To rent a villa in Italy is for many families the perfect summer vacation. The house feels like your own while you are there and it makes the holiday more relaxing for both adults and children. You can choose whether to eat out at a restaurant or in your living room in your very own villa. And Italy is always outside the door, waiting for that ye should go and experience everything it has to offer. No hustle and bustle, just leave and time with the family in a villa in Italy.

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